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Putting you first for nearly half a century.

To achieve your financial goals and protect your future, we believe in comprehensive advice. Unfortunately, that’s not always easy to find.

‘Conflicted advice’ is estimated to cost Americans about $17 billion every year according to a 2015 White House Task Force Report.

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‘Conflicted advice’ occurs when you get advice that helps the person recommending it more than you.  So, instead of recommending a low-cost ETF or mutual fund appropriate to your goals, you are steered toward a similar product that pays the advisor a higher commission.

All of this is perfectly legal, unfortunately; however, this is hazardous to your wealth.

You need a better choice. 

Built Around Your Needs, Not Ours

At Linscomb & Williams, we’ve been providing a better solution for nearly five decades:

  • Real advice. We’re a fee-only, fiduciary advisor.  Translation?  We don’t sell any products or get paid on commission.  Instead, we simply give you advice that’s in your best interest, always.
  • Unparalleled experience. When your future is at stake, experience matters.  Our senior staff members have an average of 22 years of experience.  We have successfully navigated clients through uncertain times.
  • Full service. We help you with everything dealing with your personal financial life, like a “financial quarterback”.  With a team from multiple professional backgrounds, we work together with you and your other professionals to maximize and protect your wealth.
  • Expertise that helps you do better. Insightful tax and estate planning strategies can enhance your financial outcome without additional risk.  Our advisors are finance and investment professionals, but many also hold advanced degrees or certifications in accounting or law.  So, you can take advantage of this expertise.
  • Cost-effective, transparent fees. Where your money is concerned, fees always matter.  We provide our complete service for one simple, transparent fee so you can keep more of your money working for you.

Can this business model that’s so different from Wall Street really work?

We believe the results speak for themselves:

  • Our clients trust us to help them manage nearly $3 billion of assets.
  • We’re proud to have multi-generational client relationships that span decades.
  • Many of our staff have been with us for multiple decades too.

Linscomb & Williams Facts

ClientsOver 1,600 client households with nearly $3 billion under management (as of January 2019)
ExperienceSignificant: nearly half a century successfully navigating markets. Senior advisors have an average of 22 years of experience.
ExpertiseComplete: we’re your single source of advice for everything financial. Investments, retirement, estate and tax planning, insurance, education funding, and legacy wealth building.
CredentialsWe’ve got a team of professionals to serve you: CPAs, JDs, MBAs, and several others .
FiduciaryAlways. We act as your legal fiduciary at all times, always putting your interests first.
CompensationFee-only. No commissions, so we can provide unbiased, objective advice.

Our clients trust us to help them manage nearly $3 billion of assets.

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