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Our History

Our Story Begins Back in the Early '70s

A successful business owner felt good about his business finances but wondered if he could do more to save taxes and better protect his family’s future.  And what would happen when he wanted to sell his business?

He got advice from his CPA and attorney, but he really needed someone to help him look at his complete personal picture to make sure he was on track.  So he began talking to financial advisors.  While they offered some help, they seemed most interested in pointing him toward investments or insurance.  He soon realized he was getting product sales pitches, not true advice.  Frustrated, he attempted to piece it together with his existing consultants, never feeling confident that he was doing all the right things.

His son, an attorney by training, saw the frustration his father experienced in trying to find professional financial advice.  At that time, most investment and wealth management experts were associated with product companies.  He wondered…why weren’t there advisors who could help you protect and build your wealth, without simply providing a veiled sales pitch?

The business owner’s son, Dan Linscomb, together with his friend from law school, George Williams, decided it was time to create such a firm.  That was the beginning of Linscomb and Williams, about 50 years ago.

Dan Linscomb (now retired) and George Williams (still here!) created the firm to serve as the ‘trusted advisor’ to successful families.  All clients would have access to comprehensive financial planning, tax and estate planning, investment management and ongoing coaching to help them achieve their goals.  This was a bold new idea as such an approach was quite rare in the early ’70s.

By the 1980s, Linscomb & Williams was providing service in a way that would later be known as the “Fiduciary Model”.  Since they were organized as a Registered Investment Advisor, the firm embraced the legal obligation to make the client’s best interest the first priority.

Since then, this business model has gained in popularity and Linscomb & Williams has grown significantly.  Today, our team of professionals provides service to over 2,000 families in 40 states.


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