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Specialized Expertise


With success usually comes complexity, so you probably have a complex financial life.  Not every advisory firm is well-suited to handle the challenges you face.

At Linscomb & Williams, our team is available and qualified to help you solve the most complex financial issues and challenges.  Our firm has significant experience in investing, retirement planning, college planning, elder care planning, insurance and asset protection planning, and most other wealth management related topics.

Generally, our advisors, in addition to their expertise and credentials in finance, also have advanced education and experience in accounting, law or taxation.

Plus, in nearly half a century of practice, we’ve seen a lot.

The majority of our advisors carry at least one, and many hold multiple, designations which are highly respected in the financial services industry.  Most require rigorous education, study, exam and often experience requirements.

Additionally, most of these credentials require continuing education, which ensures that our team’s knowledge remains cutting-edge. 

Your Outside Professionals

While we can take care of many of your needs, you will usually have your own outside professionals as well.  In that case, we are happy to work together with them on your behalf.  Because we have knowledge of your personal finances, we usually serve as the ‘quarterback’ for our clients, to ensure that all efforts are coordinated.  That’s all part of our basic fee and what we do for you.

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While our firm is known for having many of its staff hold industry credentials, we believe  our biggest accomplishment is making the complex understandable.
Phillip Hamman, CFA, CFP®
President & CEO, Linscomb & Williams


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