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Your Trusted Advisors

Advisors, not Salespeople

At Linscomb & Williams, we’re financial advisors, not product salespeople.  We don’t sell products and we don’t receive commissions.  So we don’t have the conflicts of interest, commonly seen at large Wall Street firms.

Your Trusted Advisors

We serve as your fiduciary, meaning we are legally required to always act in your best interest.  As a fiduciary, we take our role, as your trusted advisor, very seriously.  That means employing only the top professionals and applying the strategies and discipline we’ve developed over decades of market and financial experience.

You don’t work with just one advisor, you work with an entire team.  Your team is there to help set you on your path to reach your goals.  Once you’re on your way, we’re there to keep you on course with steady progress.

Experience That Counts

They say experience is the best teacher.  Certainly, with investing, that’s quite true.  With market cycles, the learning curve can span decades.  A well-intentioned, but relatively new firm may not have gone through the entire learning curve.  Unfortunately, we saw a lot of that in 2008, when many people were set back at the hands of advisors who were not effectively managing risk.

We’ve been in business for nearly half a century.  Our team has seen a wide variety of market conditions.

  • Our average senior advisor has 22 years of experience.
  • Cumulatively, our team has hundreds of years of experience.
  • Many of our advisors have a background in law and/or accounting, in addition to finance, to better serve you.
  • Our team possesses many credentials, which require extensive continuing education. We never stop learning.

We bring all of this to you, so you can sleep more soundly at night.

Nearly 50 years’ experience
50 years’ experience
Full-service, helping with all aspects of your financial life.
True wealth management
True wealth management for improved results
(tax & estate strategies)
Serving families nationwide
Serving families nationwide
Acting as your fiduciary
Acting as your fiduciary, always putting your interests first
Providing Fee-only
Providing fee-only, unbiased, objective advice
Disciplined, investment decisions made by committee
Disciplined, investment decisions made by committee, not individuals
Everything you need
Everything you need for one simple, transparent fee
Frequent communication
Frequent communication, so you’re kept up to date

In-House Investment Management

A growing trend with independent advisors is to outsource the entire investment management function, then focus on financial planning.  This is an easy, time-saving strategy for financial advisory firms, but it can create additional risk and expense for you:

  • You may often end up with a ‘model portfolio’ based solely on your age, which may or may not be appropriate
  • Your financial advisor usually has only a basic understanding of what the outsourced manager is doing and his or her strategies
  • The outsourced money manager does not usually communicate with you directly, and may rarely communicate with your advisor.
  • The outsourced manager does not know you, your goals, concerns, or tolerance for risk
  • The outsourced manager is not able to consider how your other assets are invested

The potential outcome can be very negative.  Bottom line, this is rarely a positive for you.

Instead of following this trend, Linscomb & Williams does it the way we always have:  in-house.

Investment Expertise, at your service

With Linscomb & Williams, our investment managers are part of your team.  We get to know your needs, preferences, prior experiences, and everything else that helps us serve you better.

We also tailor your investments specifically for you.  This way we can carefully control your risk, instead of simply assuming that all investors your age have the same financial goals and needs.  This way, you don’t get what’s best for most people your age…you get what’s best for you.

Because everything happens in-house, you can get quick answers about your investments at any time.

Knowing your assets are being managed by professionals who always put your needs first may help you sleep better at night.

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We’ve been in business nearly half a century.  Our team has seen all types of market conditions.

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