Wealth Management Since 1971

What We Do

Over nearly half a century, we’ve helped our clients successfully navigate all kinds of challenges.

Preserving and Growing Your Wealth

Through any type of market, we’re here to help you grow your wealth intelligently and conservatively.

We do that by providing you with full-service financial advice:

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • General Financial Consulting 
DO expect: Don’t expect:
Whole Life Planning
Attention on Investments Only
Your goal is to create the life you really want, not to just achieve a certain number. To get there, we’ll have some honest conversations about where you want to go and how you can get there. Then we’ll create a realistic plan and help you stick with it.
Investments are an important part of your plan and strategy, but there’s much more to it. Our full-service wealth management services ensure we look at all parts of your financial life, not just one.
Time-Tested Processes for Building Wealth
The Next Investment Fad
We don’t experiment with your future. Instead, Linscomb & Williams uses only proven, time-tested strategies to help you systematically build wealth and work toward your goals.
While we do stay up with the latest innovations and trends, we’re not here to promote the latest fad. Instead, we focus on wealth building strategies that have worked for decades, so that we can deliver what we promise.
The Expertise You Need
Product Sales
We’ve helped over 1,600 families improve their futures over the years. The Linscomb & Williams team includes top notch professionals in the fields of financial planning, investing, tax and estate planning. We’ve got the credentials, education and experience you need for success.
As fee-only fiduciaries, we don’t sell any products or push you into expensive proprietary funds. We provide the best-interest advice you have a right to expect. If you need a certain product, then we’ll help you find the optimum product solution which meets your needs. We never receive commissions or referral fees.
A Committee’s OversightOne Advisor’s Opinion
We don’t take chances with your money. That includes leaving investment decisions to one person’s judgment. Instead, our committee of top advisors with varying backgrounds reasons out and debates each recommendation, so you get the best advice possible.
It’s too risky to rely on one person’s opinion, since all of us are subject to stress, bad days or unconscious biases. Instead, all investment decisions are vetted by our committee so you benefit from the thoughtful consideration you have a right to receive.
CollaborationJargon and Technical Reports
To help you achieve your life goals, we work as a team with you. So we’re here to collaborate, not to simply give out advice or put reports in front of you. We’ll act more as your coach, providing guidance as you achieve each goal. You’ll hear from us often, and we’ll collaborate with your other professionals, as needed. You’re busy, so it’s our responsibility to communicate everything you need to know in simple, clear language -- not jargon. Our reports are easy to read, and we make sure you understand them. We also provide educational opportunities so you and your family members can deepen your knowledge, if you desire.
One Simple FeeNo Hidden Fees
Imagine this kind of full-service help for one simple, transparent fee. This way you need not hesitate to email or call us. That helps us help you reach your goals faster. Fees matter. We have a simple fee structure that ensures you won’t get nickel and dimed…instead more of your money continues working for you.


In order to achieve success, you must first define it.

Once you have a vision of what you’d like your life to look like, our comprehensive financial planning can bring that vision to life.

Not just for one generation.  We help you plan for your own best life, then create a legacy for future generations. 

The kind of financial planning we’re describing is very long-term in nature.   It spans generations, so your wealth becomes a vehicle for your family and your heirs.  And your family is protected and coached so your wealth is retained and continues to grow.

While many firms do financial planning, few perform at this level.

We’re proud to provide fee-only, fiduciary services at all times, so you don’t have to worry about whether your ‘financial advisor’ is working for you…or for Wall Street.


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